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The Monuments Men were a group of American and British men and women---museum curators, art historians, architects, even artists---responsible for preserving the artistic and cultural achievements of western civilization from the destruction of war and theft by the Nazis. Their efforts, authorized by President Roosevelt and implemented by historic orders from General Eisenhower, marked the first time an army fought a war while comprehensively attempting to mitigate damage to cultural treasures. Nothing comparable has happened in any war since.

"Preserving these stories of bravery and sacrifice helps ensure extraordinary men and women who have shaped our present will not be forgotten.”

—  President Barack Obama

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World War II, the most destructive conflict in history, proved an unprecedented test of mankind’s desire to preserve its most venerated artistic and cultural treasures for future generations.


Terrorism, natural disasters, budget shortages, and perhaps the greatest danger of all---complacency, have also claimed far too many cherished works of art, monuments, and religious objects that had survived for centuries to the betterment of our civilized world.


What then will be said by future generations about our efforts to complete the unfinished business of World War II and apply the lessons of the Monuments Men to all future challenges?