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  • Robert M. Edsel

"I wish..."

“I wish I had more money.” “I wish I had more free time.” “I wish I could get that promotion at work.” “I wish I were young again.” “I wish my son was alive.”

This Memorial Day, I wish my fellow Americans, in the luxury of a safe environment, far away from snipers’ bullets and improvised explosive devices, will pause long enough to give thanks for the things that are NOT on their wish list. Today, far too many American military families bereave the loss of their loved one, the serviceman or woman, who paid for our freedoms with their life.

Their sacrifice - out of sight, yes, but that doesn’t have to mean out of mind - puts our collective “wish lists” into perspective. Their sacrifice is perhaps the most sacred example of our good fortune as Americans. Their sacrifice reminds us that freedom isn’t free, and that its cost carries with it a crushing burden for the few, not the many. We honor them - the families who mourn their loved one, and our fallen soldiers, by remembering.

Watch how the Military Times honors the service members lost to conflict since last Memorial Day.

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