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  • Robert M. Edsel

I love hearing from young readers!

Henry holding a copy of my YA book.

Over the past sixteen years I’ve been fortunate to visit the White House, Congress, the Vatican, and the National Archives. Those special moments have drawn public attention to my work honoring the Monuments Men and Women. Far less visible, but no less meaningful, is my effort to share these heroes’ legacy with students and teachers in the United States and around the world. Our youth will be the leaders of tomorrow. To effect positive and lasting change, we must engage their passion and ideas.

This past week I received a wonderful photo of a young boy named Henry who is an avid fan of the Monuments Men and Women and just started reading my Young Adult book about these heroes, The Greatest Treasure Hunt in History; The Story of the Monuments Men. Even a sick day from school didn’t deter him from watching The Monuments Men film for a fourth time! Now THAT is enthusiasm! Despite all the problems in our world today, I know that the legacy of the Monuments Men and Women will be in good hands as long as there are passionate youngsters like Henry out there to share their enthusiasm about these heroes with others.

To Henry: get well quickly! To all the other young fans of the Monuments Men and Women, please help us spread the word about these remarkable heroes. The fate of the works of art they saved during World War II, and millions of other culture treasures, will soon become your responsibility.

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