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Friday's Random Thoughts

Friday’s are my designated day of the week to cover thoughts and subjects that don’t merit much space or have photos as part of the story…so here goes…

What a first week of “blogging.” My mom and about eight other friends — and my son, Diego — said to me, “…now what exactly is a blog…” I laughed because two months ago I am not sure I knew either. My answer was, “a daily online report that has worldwide circulation to anyone who wants to receive it, all at no cost; I am the content editor and editorial board.” I overlooked the important part: It should be enjoyable, engaging, informative, and useful. So that’s the standard that governs my time writing entries and hopefully respects the time of those who read them.

As word of my book and effort to find the missing Monuments Men spreads, I am receiving more and more interesting emails and letters including contacts via our website I reply to all of them although some require research which means time. Please feel free to contact me. I like hearing from people. One person wrote me a very kind remark about my book and after his name, rather than put the city in which he lived, wrote “HOME OF THE FREE, BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE!!!” Thank you for that insight!! Considering how the week began, with the total absence of any “D-Day” coverage much less mention in the New York Times, this quote and observation resonated loudly.

At the “Big Thought” speaking engagement on Wednesday ( I was so flattered that 4 of the wait staff at Hibiscus Restaurant ( — which I think may have been all those working our area — purchased books from me and asked me to inscribe them. Even at $55 per book, that is still a night’s worth of tips, so the fact that these people were so moved by my remarks really touched my heart. Thank you.

There were two other hugely important letters I received this week, one concerning information on Monuments Men I did not have — along with some remarkable insights about the war period, and the other pertaining to a request for my help in solving an extraordinary mystery about missing treasures from the war with material information about their last known status. Both require a lot more research, but I expect to be mentioning them in the weeks ahead.

My son is in town for just four short days, but long enough for us to enjoy two of the NBA Finals games. It is great having him here to spend time together. I hope you have a great weekend.

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