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  • Robert M. Edsel

Fate Has Tapped Me on the Shoulder a Second Time...

Eight years ago, fate tapped me on the shoulder a second time and tasked me with the telling of a story larger and of even greater importance than The Monuments Men.”

The journey writing this new book has been challenging but also inspiring. I wanted to use this Memorial Day to share with you a few words about my new book, which will be released in spring 2025.

My new book is about "…something even more important [than art], and that is our Freedom. […] This book is about how beautiful and meaningful that freedom is to all of us, especially those of us who didn’t do a damn thing to earn it; it’s about how horrible it is to lose your freedom; it’s about how difficult it is to get it back — ask the Ukrainians; and what do you do if you are fortunate enough to get it back and the people who got it back for you aren’t there to thank anymore? And that's the story.” (16th International Conference on World War II at The National WWII Museum, November 2023)

Stay tuned for more details.

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